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Enjoying the beach!
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Our holiday home is 500 meters from the Workumer beach at the IJsselmeer. The cottage is rural.

Beside It Strânhús is the Workumer Waard. There you have a magnificent view at the IJsselmeer with beautiful sunsets.
At about 500 meters from It Strânhús is a Attent camping shop. This is open from the 1th of April until the 1th of november. A beautiful playground for children is only 250 meters away.

Nearby is Jachthaven It Soal. If you like fresh and organic food you can go to the Bio Farmer at 200 meters.


Even when it comes to recreation, there is a lot to experience in Workum. Both in summer and in winter.

A beautiful beach walk, sailing, surfing and kiting; anything goes. In Workum there is also an indoor swimmimgpool (De Rolpeal) and there are many cozy restaurants. Chinese, Italian, Vegetarian, Snackcorners, something for everyone.
Workum has 'The most Beatiful Marketplace of Friesland'
André Fraiquin
The Tourist Office is at 2,5 km. Enjoy the terraces at 'Moaiste Plein Fan Fryslân.' The most beautiful marketplace of Friesland.

By bike or train

In Workum and surroundings you can also enjoy cycling, possibly rent a bike in Workum, about 2 kilometers from It Strânhús. Along the IJsselmeer coast and the Frisian lakes, you will sniff culture, history and nature!

From Workum you can easily take the train further into the province. The translation is at a 4 kilometer distance.
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